Kura Kura Bus Line 2

kura kura bus line 2

Number of Seats : 12 seats & 15 seats

Kura Kura Bus Line 2 Route on the Line 2 is connecting three areas, they are Jimbaran, Kuta, and Legian. On Line 2, bus will depart from DFS → Jimbaran → DFS → Kuta → Legian → DFS.

From DFS, bus will depart to Jimbaran, a fishing village which is known with the sea food culinary which will be easily to be found next to the seashore and also make sure to enjoy the golden sunset here.

Along the bus stop, you could step by in several luxurious resort like Ayana Resort & Spa (including the glamorous Rock Bar), Rimba and Le Meridien. The Barbeque Seafood restaurant of Jimbaran Bay will be easily to be found as it is sited next to the bus stop.

After return to DFS, the bus will depart to Kuta, to the centre of entertainment in Bali. The bus stops will be at Waterboom, Grand Inna Kuta and also the shopping center such as Lippo Mall, Beachwalk and Papaya Supermarket. Thus, will enable you to go to another places such as restaurants and clubs. You could also transfer to another Lines such as Line 3 and Line 4 in certain bus stops.

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